Reader Letters: Electric car reviews, paint and age-based insurance hikes, and dieselgate groups

Reader Letters: Electric car reviews, paint and age-based insurance hikes, and dieselgate groups

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Charging point

It was great to read a review of the Tesla Model S (First Drive, November 6). Giles Smith mentioned the growing national charging network, but in future, in order to replicate the experience of most electric-car drivers, testers such as Smith should have a charging point installed at home. Then every journey starts with a full battery and charging away from home is less of a concern. For those of us with off-street parking, this is the practicality of electric motoring.

Dan Wild, Electric Automobile Association, Malvern, Worcestershire

In the dark

Your reader Jo Cox revealed that her insurance premium went up after she sprayed her black car green, but Mike Kenney crucially didn’t tell us what happened when he told his insurer that he had painted his green car black (“The colour of money”, Letters, October 30). Did he get a rebate?

Huw Beynon, Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire


Double or quits

Like 83-year-old Jill Basten (“Age discrimination”, Letters, October 30) I have just had my car insurance renewal quote. I’m 80 years old, with a clean licence, and had been with LV — Liverpool Victoria — for many years. Last year I paid £325. With no change in circumstances other than my age, I was quoted £618. Naturally I am no longer with LV.

Derrick Newland, Treharris, Merthyr Tydfil


Dieselgate victims

I have been advised that my Volkswagen Tiguan is one of the models that needs to have corrections made to it after the VW Dieselgate affair. Do you know of any group that is co-ordinating the interests of your many readers who will have been caught up in a similar situation?

Peter Burville, St Margaret’s Bay, Kent
Nick Rufford, Driving Editor, says: Try or (the American-based) Or, if there are like-minded readers out there, write in and we’ll set up a dedicated page on The Sunday Times’s website.

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