Advanced self-driving car trials held back by potholes and poor 4G coverage

Motorists in the UK could see self-driving cars on the road by the end of 2019, but poor 4G coverage and potholes are hampering progress.

Take cycle training for car insurance discount

UK motorists could earn themselves a car insurance discount by taking a cycle awareness course, the Department for Transport (DfT) has said.
All new cars sold in UK should be electric by 2032, not 2040, say MPs

MPs: All new cars should be electric by 2032

All new cars and vans should be genuinely zero emission by 2032, according to a new report from a group of cross-party MPs.
Petrol and diesel-powered cars could still be sold after 2040

Petrol and diesel cars might not be banned in 2040

A government minister has suggested petrol and diesel cars might not be totally banned by 2040, if the engines can be made efficient enough.
Potholes cost British drivers £1.7bn a year in repairs

Potholes cost British drivers £1.7bn a year

British drivers spend a staggering £1.7bn a year repairing damage to their vehicles caused by potholes, according to new figures.
First MOT test to remain at three years, as government responds to safety fears

First MOT to remain at three years

The first MOT for a car will not be extended from three to four years. The government says the planned change was dropped following public concer
Government to announce diesel car scrappage scheme 'within days'

Government to announce diesel scrappage scheme

A diesel car scrappage scheme will be announced "within days", according to reports, as the government scrambles to reduce air pollution.
What you need to know about government diesel scrappage and nitrogen dioxide reduction

Proposed diesel scrappage and NO2 reduction plans

The Department for Environment & Rural Affairs has published a consultation document outlining the government's proposals for reducing...
Get diesel vehicles off the road, urge doctors

Get diesel vehicles off the road, urge doctors

Hundreds of doctors and health experts have urged the government to remove diesel vehicles from the road as soon as possible because they are cau

New government incentive for electric cars

Electric car charging points will be installed at all big filling stations in Britain under government plans to increase the use of green cars.
Government proposes MoT after four years, not three

Government proposes MoT after four years

New cars won't need to undergo an MoT for four years under government plans to be announced this week.
Pothole damage doubles in a decade, according to RAC

Pothole damage doubles in a decade, according to RAC

Pothole damage continues to have British drivers shuddering, after the RAC revealed that rescue call outs hit a 10 year high for damage caused by...
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Plug-in supercars set to lose electric car subsidies

Supercar buyers have been quietly snaffling handouts, thanks to one of the most generous government policies in recent years...