Donald Trump tells American car workers their jobs will be obsolete within two years

Donald Trump has made an extraordinary claim that people who work on traditional car production lines will be “out of business” within two years.
Jeep pulls Super Bowl ad after Springsteen drink driving charge

Springsteen ad pulled after drink driving charge

Jeep has pulled its Super Bowl ad after it was revealed that its star, musician Bruce Springsteen, was charged with drink driving last November.
Trump pardons autonomous car engineer sentenced for stealing trade secrets

Trump pardoned ex-Google self-driving car engineer

Outgoing President Donald Trump last night pardoned Anthony Levandowski, an autonomous car engineer charged with stealing trade secrets.
Number of global charging plugs hits one million

Number of global charging points hits one million

The number of publicly available charging plugs around the world has hit a million, having doubled in just three years.
Trump administration being sued by 23 states over fuel standards

Trump administration sued over relaxed emissions

President Trump’s administration is being sued by nearly two dozen states over lowered standards for fuel economy in the US.
Trump defends Elon Musk in Tesla reopening saga

Trump defends Elon Musk in Tesla reopening saga

President Trump has come to the defence Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who has re-opened the company's California plant against state orders.
US oil prices drop below zero for first time in history

US oil prices drop below zero for first time ever

US oil prices have plunged into the negative for the first time in history, amid fears that storage capacity may run out.
Tesla and other EV stocks could rise as Joe Biden begins presidency

Electric car makers could boom under Biden

Within hours of being sworn in as the 46th president of the United States on Thursday, Joe Biden began making his mark on American auto.
Mackinac Island horse-drawn carriage

Why are cars banned from Mackinac Island?

US vice president Mike Pence brought a cavalcade to Mackinac Island over the weekend — even though cars have been banned there since 1898.
What is "The Beast", the new limousine that will transport President Trump to the White House?

New "The Beast" may not feature at inauguration

It has taken more than three years to create the brand new state limousine for the President of the United States but we may have to wait...