Advanced Stop Lines – What are they and is it illegal to stop in one?

The law on entering an Advanced Stop Lines for drivers and motorcyclists.
David Harwood

Driver may face manslaughter charge

A driver who knocked down and killed a 15-year-old cyclist in Lancashire could face manslaughter charges after a coroner stopped an inquest.
low-traffic zone cyclist

LTNs generate £14 million in fines over 12 months

Motorists being fined millions of pounds for inadvertently entering low-traffic neighbourhoods.
Using headphones while cycling is safety risk, says charity

Using headphones while cycling is safety risk

The UK’s largest independent road safety charity has called for debate on the dangers of using headphones while cycling.
Highway Code revision could clarify rules on cycling two abreast

Highway Code could recommend cycling two abreast

Proposed changes to the highway code could see cyclists riding two by two rather than in single file in order to improve road safety.
What Not to Wear presenter apologises for saying she wants to “kill” cyclists

Fashion star sorry after 'kill cyclists' comment

Fashion adviser Susannah Constantine has apologised for saying that she wanted to "drive into cyclists wearing lycra".
Public transport restrictions could put 1m more cars on the road

One million extra cars on road after lockdown

Limits on the capacity of public transport during rush hour will lead to an extra one million cars on the road, according to new research.
Scientists fear return to pre-lockdown pollution levels

Scientists fear return to pre-lockdown pollution

Despite a push towards walking and cycling, scientists predict that pollution in UK cities could, like in China, return to pre-lockdown levels.
Quarter of men admit they are more likely to speed on lockdown roads

One in seven risk non-essential journey

A new study has revealed that 14% of people have risked making a non-essential journey since the coronavirus lockdown was enforced.
Birmingham cyclists asked to collect data on near-misses and problem junctions

Cyclists asked to collect data on near-misses

Cyclists in Birmingham are being asked to collect data on road conditions and dangerous driving so that town planners can help save lives.

Take cycle training for car insurance discount

UK motorists could earn themselves a car insurance discount by taking a cycle awareness course, the Department for Transport (DfT) has said.

'Dutch Reach' technique added to Highway Code

The 'Dutch Reach' method, which forces drivers to be aware of traffic when they're opening a car door, will be added to the Highway Code.
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