Anti-speeding police commissioner Caroline Henry broke speed limit five times

Caroline Henry, who vowed to crack down on speeding motorists, was herself caught breaking the speed limit five times in four months.
Car salesman jailed for exposing himself to female colleague in showroom

Car salesman jailed for exposing himself

A former used car salesman has been sentenced to six months in prison and seven years on the sex offender register for exposing himself.
Not wearing a seatbelt could bring three penalty points

Drivers to get points for not wearing seatbelt

Drivers stopped by police for not wearing a seatbelt could face penalty points on their licence under new road safety measures.
Catalytic converter thefts doubled in a year as precious metal values soar

Catalytic converter thefts doubled in a year

The number of catalytic converter thefts from cars in England, Wales and Northern Ireland more than doubled last year, according to new research.
Courts are too lenient on dangerous drivers, says police chief

Police chief: courts too lenient on speeders

A police chief has told The Sunday Times that dangerous drivers should be afforded no more leniency in court than those involved in knife crime.
Van rental checks introduced to prevent terrorist attacks

New van rental checks to prevent terrorist attacks

New guidance designed to prevent terrorist attacks using vans and other commercial vehicles has been introduced today.
Government told current drink-driving laws are "no longer adequate"

Drink-driving laws "no longer adequate"

A report funded by the Department for Transport has found that the drink-driving limit should be lowered by more than a third.
Film director may have caused crash after being distracted by bag of Frazzles

Careless driver was "distracted by Frazzles"

A director renowned for his documentaries is suspected to have caused a serious collision in Hampshire after being distracted by a bag of crisps.
Revolutionary website makes sending police dangerous driving dash cam footage a doddle

Drug boss convicted using his own car's dashcam

The leader of a Hertfordshire drug smuggling ring has been jailed after the dashcam on his car recorded the distribution of Class A substances.
Rise in rural crime leads to spike in Land Rover Defender thefts

Rise in rural crime leads to Defender thefts

A rise in rural crime has seen thefts of Land Rover Defenders increase by more than a third in just a year.
BMW X5 is most clocked car, says research

BMW X5 is most clocked car, says research

It’s a car commonly associated with the police, but somewhat ironically, the BMW X5 is the most commonly clocked car, according to new research.
New drink driving laws in Canada are “appealing” says charity

Decriminalising drink driving is 'appealing'

A road safety charity has said that the idea of the UK adopting a Canadian province’s new system for punishing drink driving is "appealing".
Research shows extent of lockdown speeding

Driver caught doing 151mph on M62 during lockdown

New data obtained by the RAC shows the extent that dangerous drivers have used empty roads for extreme speeding during lockdown.