Reader Letters: touchscreen distraction, MoT emissions, stop start, no-parking signs and small car syndrome

Richard Porter’s review of the Volvo XC40 refers to the dangers of operating a touchscreen while driving. This is as dangerous as texting...
Reader Letters: electric cars, brake light dazzle, insurance, swerving and continental headlight converters

Reader Letters: Electric cars, brake light dazzle

"The reason why electric car manufacturers do not give the carbon footprint of the power they use is because it depends on the generation..."

Reader Letters: Electric car emissions & trackers

"We hear a lot about diesel emissions yet nowhere are we told the carbon footprint of a unit of electricity. It should be mandatory to quote..."
Reader Letters: Criminal cyclists, dazzling brakes, smart motorway signs and more "Polite" notices

Reader Letters: Criminal cyclists, dazzling brakes

What can be done about cyclists who, when informed by a driver that they’ve gone through a red light, wait until you catch them up and then thump
Sunday Times Driving Reader Letters: 20mph speeders, braking bad, emissions cheats

Reader Letters: 20mph speeders and emissions cheats

Am I the only driver in Leeds who obeys the 20mph speed limit? A road near me was changed to 20mph a month ago and when I’m on it, 100% of the people...
Sunday Times Driving Reader Letters June 12, 2016: Juddery wipers, low-riders, brake lights and selective EU laws

Reader Letters: Juddery wipers and selective EU laws

"In his review of the Ford Focus RS (May 29), Jeremy Clarkson says that one irritation was “wipers that judder”. I had the same with my new Focus..."
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Letters of the week, January 17

This week: motoring resolutions, brake lights, fog lights, petrol prices and keyless ignitions
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Is there a cheap way to change the rear light cluster...

Q. I recently clipped and cracked the rear light cluster on my 2009 (but 2004-8 model) Mazda3 Sport saloon. I have been quoted £400 for a replacement...
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Letters of the week, November 9, 2014

This week: Land Cruiser Amazon love, keyless car hate, parking rules and blinding brake light bother.
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Letters of the week, November 2, 2014

This week: classic, veteran and vintage cars defined, parking lawlessness, blinding brake lights and toll charges for foreign cars.