Mercedes takes larger stake in Aston Martin

A new deal will see Mercedes give Aston Martin access to its electric technology in return for a larger stake in the British car maker.
Rare Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM AMG convertible heading to auction

Rare 570bhp+ Mercedes convertible going to auction

One of the rarest and most extreme convertibles that Mercedes-Benz has ever produced will be rumbling its way onto the auction block next month.

Merc G65 recalled for being too fast in reverse

The Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG might look as bulky as a brick privy but compared with other 4x4s it can sprint like Linford Christie
Mercedes-Benz SUV driver manages to roll car at roundabout

Video: £100,000 Mercedes rolled at roundabout

A Mercedes-Benz AMG SUV has crashed in the French city of Nantes, after its driver rolled the vehicle at a roundabout.
Approaching fast: Mercedes-AMG’s new 1,000bhp hypercar

Approaching fast: Mercedes-AMG’s 1,000bhp hypercar

Mercedes-AMG has revealed a tantalising glimpse of its new hypercar, the Formula One-engined mean machine which will take on the Bugatti Chiron
Gallery: new Mercedes-AMG GT R is a green mean machine

Gallery: new Mercedes-AMG GT R is a green mean machine

When the bosses at AMG told Mercedes that they’d like permission to build a new green machine, it’s likely that the coffee and biscuits would...
Aston Martin Vantage GT8

Vantage GT8, AMG GT R. . . collectable super sports...

They are the mysterious, limited edition sports cars that sell out before their manufacturers have shared even the scantest detail. Rare, typically...
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Mercedes keeps its cool with the hot 2016 C 43 4MATIC...

As popular petrolhead grumbles go, the trend of sports cars becoming too powerful for the road is right up there with price of car servicing and potholes...
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Super-fast estates do battle: Audi RS 6, Skoda Octavia...

Who said estates had to be dull? The latest breed of super-fast load-luggers combine performance with practicality
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Dom Joly's First Drive: 2015 Mercedes-Benz SL 400 Mille...

The brooding, cocky Mille Miglia is perfect for a caped crusader, but not a comedian trying to avoid another run-in with a speed camera
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Five used AMG Mercedes performance car bargains

Since 1967, AMG has been making Mercedes go very fast indeed. Owned outright by Mercedes since 2005, the company was founded by Hans Werner Aufrecht...
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News: Mercedes to launch more affordable AMG Sport...

Mercedes-AMG has announced it is developing a new range of AMG models which will be more affordable for drivers.
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News: Mercedes-AMG GT prices and specifications announced...

Sports car buyers won't get their hands on one in time for Christmas, but order books have opened for the Mercedes-AMG GT and the prices have been...