Show-off driver rolls £100,000 Mercedes SUV at roundabout

"I thought we hired a Merc, not a Roller"

A MERCEDES SUV has crashed in the French city of Nantes, after its driver rolled the vehicle at a roundabout.

Providing ammo for those who argue SUVs are dynamically compromised in comparison to lower-riding hatchback and saloon cars, the unusual incident was seemingly caused by the driver attempting to showboat in the 577bhp Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S Coupe, which costs from £98,840 if bought new in the UK.

Despite much tyre squeal or drifting, it’s claimed the Mercedes SUV driver had switched off the traction control before flooring it during the sharp left-hand turn. It’s also alleged the driver had disabled the stability control systems, which may have prevented the car from rolling in the first place had they been left on.

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Rubbing salt into the dents, the GLE 63 S is believed not to be owned by the driver who crashed it; reports claim the Mercedes was hired for a wedding.

No details on the driver’s condition were disclosed but due to the low speed involved, it’s likely the worst bruises were to his ego and wallet.

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