First Drive review: 2017 Land Rover Discovery

Think of a Land Rover and you’ll probably conjure up an image of a farmer taking bales to the top field or a coastguard pulling a boat across...
Video: Flying car offers commuters speedy escape from gridlock

Video: Flying car offers escape from gridlock

It could be the answer to the congestion crisis gripping our biggest cities: a car that can take to the skies to avoid rush-hour gridlock.
Storm force warning: Lamborghini Huracan Performante uses 'aero vectoring'

Storm force: new Lamborghini Huracan Performante

A storm is brewing in the supercar scene, after Lamborghini revealed its new Huracán Performante. The most powerful Huracán yet, it boasts a weal
First pictures and performance figures and price of McLaren 720S

Is the new McLaren 720S the worst-kept secret?

Is the new McLaren 720S the worst-kept secret of the supercar world? The new British performance car is due to be revealed at next week's Geneva
British Caparo T1 supercar to ride again as T1 Evo

Caparo T1 supercar to ride again as T1 Evo

It is the British supercar with the sad history. The Caparo T1 was lionised by the motoring press as the high-performance vehicle closest to...
Land Rover reveals new £45,000 Range Rover Velar

Land Rover reveals £45,000 Range Rover Velar

As long as there’s room on the roads, there’s room for another SUV. So goes the thinking at Land Rover, as it reveals the new Range Rover Velar...
Scorpion-3 hoverbike takes off for extreme commute

Video: Hoverbike takes off for extreme commute

Watch a Star Wars-style hoverbike being tested successfully in Russia.
Jaguar and Shell let drivers pay for petrol from the comfort of their car

Drivers to pay for fuel from their car

What driver hasn’t wished they could pay for their fuel from the comfort of their car on a cold, rain-lashed winter’s day, or avoid a long queue
Euro NCAP crash test demonstrates the deadly safety of old cars

Euro NCAP demonstrates deadly weakness of old cars

A crash test comparing a modern Honda and a 20-year-old Rover reveals the deadly flaws of cars of yesteryear
Video: Last-minute Christmas presents? Dom Joly has it covered

Last-minute presents? Dom Joly has it covered

Trigger Happy TV's Dom Joly guides us around the riches of the garage forecourt in this exclusive video guide to last-minute Christmas shopping.
Sunday Times Driving Kicking the Tyres Live on Facebook with John Keeble,

Spandau Ballet's John Keeble hits Driving Live

Rock stars are no strangers to exotic cars but John Keeble, a founding member of and drummer for 1980s chart-topping band Spandau Ballet...

Driving with… William Hardie

The master craftsman behind some of the most wacky, wonderful designs you will see on TV drives the All-New Kia Optima Sportswagon to the seaside
Han Yue believe it: stunt driver laps Nurburgring on two wheels

Video: Stunt driver laps Nürburgring on two wheels

Han Yue, a stunt driver from China, has used a humble Mini to set a new lap record at the Nürburgring – driving on two wheels