Watch this three year-old 'tow' his dad's truck with ride-on toy

'I unstuck daddy's truck'

MOST three-year-olds want to be superheroes and Sammy Drock from Florida got his chance when he towed his dad’s truck out of a ditch using his electric ride-on toy car.

Sammy – hailed as ‘the best unstucker ever’ by dad Michael – was delighted with his efforts, although, if truth be told, he did get a little help from his father.

Mum Krista said she and Michael planned the stunt to give Sammy “a moment to himself where he could feel like a real hero for daddy” as he adjusts to his role as big brother to 10-month-old twin sisters.

“My husband had the idea a while ago to try this and we finally had the chance to give him his moment of glory.”

A giant truck looming behind a tiny child in a toy car doesn’t look like the safest manoeuvre but Krista insisted that every precaution was taken.

“Anyone concerned about the safety of the situation in this video, we had complete control. Our truck was just completely serviced from hood to tailgate and is in perfect mechanical condition … My husband’s foot was on the brake the entire time.”

Still, don’t try this at home…

Credit: Krista Drock via Storyful

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