Naked Australian caught on CCTV taking shower in a car wash

Pressure washer refreshes the parts other showers cannot reach

WE’VE ALL become more fastidious about personal hygiene since the outbreak of Covid-19 but one naked man in Queensland, Australia, took things to the next level when he got a friend to hose him down with a jet spray in a car wash.

The late-night power shower was caught on CCTV by Geoff Bowen, owner of Parkland’s Car & Dog Wash. And it sounds like the midnight bather will have come away squeaky clean – Bowen told local media that the high pH solution designed to dissolve bird poo and grime would have felt like ‘chilli on the skin’.

Posting the CCTV footage on his company’s Facebook page, Bowen joked, “Thanks for your patronage and hope you make a speedy recovery.”

Credit: Parkland’s Car and Dog Wash via Storyful