Revealed: the day you’re most likely to crash your car

A study by the leasing firm LeasePlan claims to have found the day of the week you're most likely to have a crash in your car.
James Mills journalist huge crash and rolls / flips video at Mini Challenge race practice during 2018 DTM meeting at Brands Hatch

Video: Spectacular Mini crash at Brands

It was obvious things were not exactly on track when the gravel loomed toward the driver’s window.
Bus driver leaves trail of devastation after Dartford crash. Copyright: Tony Brown

Bus driver leaves trail of devastation

A bus ploughed into dozens of cars in a busy town centre, creating a trail of devastation that left 16 people injured and astonished onlookers.
Police call for witnesses after classic car driver dies following hit-and-run

Call for witnesses after hit-and-run

Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward after classic car enthusiast who was the victim of a hit-and-run crash has died from his injur
BMW failed to act over electrical 'blackout' that risked the lives of its customers

BMW failed to act over safety fears on new cars

BMW failed to act on customer complaints and issue a recall for thousands of cars affected by a dangerous electrical fault that led to the death
Bridge crash creates world's first Range Rover Velar convertible

Crash creates first Range Rover Velar convertible

The Range Rover Velar has been acclaimed as one of the most stylish SUVs on the road, and some fans say the only thing that could be cooler is a
Video: split-second mistake highlights the dangers of track days

Watch Impreza smash into barrier on track day

When you own a nice car, it's tempting to take it to a track day and see what man and machine can do. But as one unlucky Subaru driver discovered
Porsche-911-Targa-crashed-in-Colchester-Essex-2 (Copyright: @LudenClassics)

Porsche parking fail as 911 smashes through wall

It is often said that Porsche drivers think they're better behind the wheel than other motorists on the road. Unfortunately for one owner, a spec

Witness to sinking car tragedy to sue victims

A woman who helped to rescue a baby from a car that slid off a pier, killing five members of a family, is taking legal action against the victims
Citroën driver's failed Italian Job remake as car gets stuck on Abergavenny steps

Citroën driver's failed Italian Job remake

A famous car chase in classic film The Italian Job saw three Mini Coopers tackling dozens of flights of steps in Turin but a Citroën driver in...
Careless Ferrari driver Matthew Cobden found guilty over boy's death

Careless Ferrari driver guilty over boy's death

A businessman faces jail for causing the death of a 13-year-old boy after taking him for a drive in a classic Ferrari worth £1.2 million.

Teenager killed during a ride in Ferrari

A driver who gave a car-mad teenager a short ride in a Ferrari on a private road has been accused of careless driving, after causing a crash that

Video: SkyRunner flying car crashes during takeoff

Despite flying cars first getting off the ground as long ago as 1949, when Moulton “Molt” Taylor, an American inventor, took to the skies in the...