Smart motorway construction

Fraud fears over motorway construction

National Highways has written to construction companies asking them to outline the anti-fraud practices they have in place.
Thames Valley Police seize McLaren 720S for no insurance

Uninsured McLaren seized, driver charging battery

Thames Valley Police in Berkshire stopped and seized an uninsured McLaren 720S supercar over the weekend, despite the owner’s protests.
CMPG police car

Driver caught doing 105mph with child in car

A driver was branded "completely irresponsible" after being caught travelling at 105mph on a motorway with a child in the car.
Drug-driving arrests up 50%, continuing six-year trend

Drug-driving arrests up 50%

Drug-driving prosecutions in the UK hit a record high in 2021 after six consecutive years of rises.
One in five drivers still using mobiles at wheel — but it could lead to disqualification

Police catch 173 drivers in mobile phone clampdown

Police in Surrey and Sussex say they stopped 173 drivers on the M25 in one week, including 105 motorists who were illegally using a mobile phone,
Drug driver is first arrest for former model Penny Lancaster

Drug driver first arrest for former model

Penny Lancaster has said that her first arrest as a special constable for City of London Police was a drug-driving suspect.
David Harwood

Driver may face manslaughter charge

A driver who knocked down and killed a 15-year-old cyclist in Lancashire could face manslaughter charges after a coroner stopped an inquest.
Car salesman jailed for exposing himself to female colleague in showroom

Car salesman jailed for exposing himself

A former used car salesman has been sentenced to six months in prison and seven years on the sex offender register for exposing himself.
Driver caught using laser jammers to avoid speeding tickets

Driver jailed for using laser jammer

A motorist has been jailed for eight months after police found that he had fitted two laser jammers to the front of his car.
Not wearing a seatbelt could bring three penalty points

Drivers to get points for not wearing seatbelt

Drivers stopped by police for not wearing a seatbelt could face penalty points on their licence under new road safety measures.
Car thief

London boroughs nine of top 10 car theft locations

The top 20 locations in the UK for car theft have been revealed in a new survey, and it’s not good news for motorists living in London.
Catalytic converter thefts doubled in a year as precious metal values soar

Catalytic converter thefts doubled in a year

The number of catalytic converter thefts from cars in England, Wales and Northern Ireland more than doubled last year, according to new research.