Businessman faked accident to buy valuable private number plate

Businessman faked accident to buy car number plate

The director of an accident claims firm has been convicted for reporting a fake crash to the government’s licensing agency in order to trace the...
Driver fights fine for singing in car

Driver fights fine for singing at the wheel

A Canadian man is awaiting a court showdown to defend his right to sing and drive after being fined for chanting along at the wheel to a 1990s cl
Video: Police search for jogger who 'knocked' woman into path of bus

Video: Jogger 'knocked' woman into path of bus

The Metropolitan Police have arrested a man after hunt for jogger who appeared to push a woman into the path of a bus.
Undercover police ride bicycles and don Lycra to catch dangerous drivers

Undercover police ride bicycles to catch drivers

Police swapped panda cars for bicycles and uniforms for Lycra to catch motorists who drive dangerously close when overtaking cyclists.
Bobbies on the bus catch motorists using mobiles

Bobbies on the bus catch motorists using mobiles

Police have fined dozens of drivers after commandeering a double-decker bus to spot them using their mobile phones.
Volkswagen emissions chief’s bid for bail fails

Volkswagen emissions chief loses bail hearing

A Volkswagen executive wearing an orange prison jumpsuit and handcuffs lost his attempt to win bail in a US court
Six points and £200 fine for using mobile phones behind the wheel from today

Six points for using mobile phones illegally

Penalties and fines for those using their mobile phone illegally when driving will be doubled to six points and £200 respectively from today...
Police call for witnesses after West Midlands hit and run

Police call for witnesses after hit and run

Police have released security camera footage of the moment that a BMW swerved on to the pavement and hit a girl aged 17...
Bin lorry killer Harry Clarke caught driving again

Bin lorry killer caught driving again

A bin lorry driver who killed six Christmas shoppers in Glasgow in 2014 when he blacked out at the wheel has admitted driving without a licence..
Carjackers using Tasers on women, police warn

Carjackers using tasers on women, police warn

Criminals armed with stun guns have attempted a string of carjackings, prompting a warning from police for female motorists...