Smart traffic lights signal fewer stops for motorists

New smart traffic lights could cause motorists to wait less frequently at pedestrian crossings. 

Video: Red light runner causes high speed smash

An impatient driver in Florida, USA, found out the hard way that ignoring a red traffic light is not the best move.
Chilling moment schoolboy, 14, escapes by whisker as van driver jumps red light

Chilling video shows van driver nearly hit boy, 14

A 14-year-old schoolboy was incredibly lucky to avoid injury after a van driver jumped a red light.
Jaguar solves congestion delays with tech that "talks" to traffic lights

New Jaguar tech 'talks' with traffic lights

Jaguar claims its new system, which prompts drivers when there's a red traffic light ahead, will help reduce journey delays caused by congestion.
New study finds many motorists have “shocking” lack of road knowledge

Many drivers have 'shocking' road knowledge

Do you confuse the two seconds rule with two car lengths? If you do, a new survey has suggested you're one of many who get the two mixed up.
Reader Letters: Red lights, traffic calming, driving in France, diesel dongles and a cardinal rule

Reader Letters: Red mist and diesel dongles

"Jim Murray asks why he shouldn’t drive through an empty pelican crossing on red. One reason would be that..."
Reader Letters: New road tax, diesel riddle, headlight flashing, priorité à droit, Smart cars, red lights, plastic Clarkson and potholes

Reader Letters: New road tax and a diesel riddle

"It is disingenuous of the government to pretend that its revision to vehicle tax has a green element..."

Men twice as likely to cross on a red light

Male pedestrians are almost twice as likely as women to cross a road when the pedestrian light is red and tend to jockey for pole position...
No more seeing red after Audi reveals cars that can 'talk' with traffic lights

Audi reveals cars that 'talk' with traffic lights

For drivers, dealing with traffic lights is always the same. When the lights are red, they'll engage neutral and apply the handbrake - only for
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Traffic lights going nowhere despite calls for 80%...

We’ve all been there: quickly checking our smartphones; drumming our fingers on the steering wheel; willing on the red light to change to green...
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Test your knowledge: When and where were the first...

Traffic lights: godsend for the pedestrian; scourge of the impatient driver; invisible to the cyclist. It is reckoned that 15,000 road junctions in...
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Points: Letters of the week, April 19

This week: Mazda MX-5 spare wheel conundrum, personalised 'plate chat continues, Guy Martin feedback and traffic light mastery.
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News: Government considering lengthening red traffic...

The government is reviewing crossing times following concerns that current signals change too quickly for elderly pedestrians.