Red light runner causes high speed smash

This is why you don't try to beat traffic lights

AN IMPATIENT driver in Florida, USA, found out the hard way that ignoring a red traffic light is not the best move.

Video footage recorded on CCTV and released by the Sarasota Police Department shows the silver Chevrolet saloon approaching the junction at dangerously high speeds. The driver appears to have already slammed on the brakes by the time it appears on camera but it was not enough to stop the vehicle before reaching the junction.

The Chevy then collides with two other cars, which were attempting to join the busy road. The force of the crash was strong enough to tear the rear bumper off a blue Honda Civic, sending it spinning. The smash also caused serious damage to the front of a silver Mitsubishi Galant saloon. Thankfully, no one sustained any major injuries in the accident.

Officers said the Chevrolet driver was convicted for running a red traffic light and could face additional charges, pending the results of an ongoing investigation.

Credit: Sarasota Police Department via Storyful