New study finds many motorists have “shocking” lack of road knowledge

Many motorists have 'shocking' lack of road knowledge

Less than 50% of drivers know what a roundabout sign looks like

MANY DRIVERS in the UK need to brush up on the Highway Code, a new survey has suggested.

In a theory test-inspired questionnaire conducted by IAM RoadSmart, a startlingly high number of motorists were unaware of the meanings of certain road signs. Only 68% knew what the speed bumps sign indicates, and just 48% of those polled could correctly identify the roundabout sign.

Even traffic light sequences were enough to throw quite a few people off. Only 64% of respondents correctly knew a red traffic light is followed by a red and amber light, whereas 30% reckoned it was just an amber light and 5% were confident it jumped straight to green.

Some alarming answers were given to driving conduct questions, too. Only 32% of drivers knew you should allow at least a two-second time gap to the vehicle ahead when driving on a dry open road. It appears many motorists are conflating this with two car lengths in distance, as 53% of those surveyed responded with that answer.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, younger motorists were the most likely to answer incorrectly, with 17 to 39 year-olds having the lowest correct answer percentage rates in 14 of the 23 questions.

Experience wasn’t always a guarantee of motoring aptitude, however: 76% of the 17 to 39 age group knew what the speed bump sign meant but only 64% of 40+ year-olds answered correctly.

Responding to the questionnaire’s findings, IAM RoadSmart’s director of policy and research Neil Greig said: “This is truly shocking. The outcome of the survey brings to light some frightening statistics which demonstrates the need to constantly refresh on-road knowledge.

“Many drivers don’t look at the Highway Code regularly after they’ve passed their test, but no-one’s memory is perfect and it’s crucial to read and understand the most recent version of the Highway Code for the safety of all road users.”

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