More than half of car buyers disagree with 2030 new petrol and diesel ban, according to survey

More than half of all car buyers disagree with the 2030 ban on the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles, according to new research.
One in five drivers hasn't read Highway Code in a decade

One in five hasn't read Highway Code in 10 years

A large number of British motorists have admitted they haven't brushed up on their Highway Code knowledge for at least a decade.
New study finds many motorists have “shocking” lack of road knowledge

Many drivers have 'shocking' road knowledge

Do you confuse the two seconds rule with two car lengths? If you do, a new survey has suggested you're one of many who get the two mixed up.

One in seven drivers jump level crossings

In a survey by Network Rail, 14% of drivers confessed they would ignore the barriers and warning lights at level crossings.
Here are the real reasons four out of five drivers are distracted behind the wheel

Real reasons drivers distracted behind wheel

A survey has found most drivers are unfocused when driving — with a quarter of motorists admitting the distractions nearly caused a crash.

50% of drivers unaware of French driving kit laws

Though France is a popular destination for Brits, over half of UK motorists don't know what to bring with them when they cross the Channel.

UK motorists spend £1bn per month on car finance

Over 4.7 million motorists in the UK will repay nearly £13bn worth of car finance loans this year, a new study suggests.
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News: Survey suggests Britain is worst country for...

To those with a daily commute in busy traffic, the news is not going to come as a huge shock. New research suggests that British motorists are more...
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Exclusive: Drivers baffled by car jargon, survey reveals

Jargon used by the motor industry is causing car buyers to make costly mistakes when purchasing new and used cars, a survey by The Sunday Times Driving...
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News: Passive passengers turn a blind eye to drivers’...

Car passengers are turning a blind eye to drivers’ worst ways as they submit to a “my car, my rules” attitude, according to a survey.