Reader Letters: New road tax, diesel riddle, headlight flashing, priorité à droit, Smart cars, red lights, plastic Clarkson and potholes

Reader Letters: New road tax, diesel riddle, headlight flashing, priorité à droit, Smart cars, red lights, plastic Clarkson and potholes

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Tax the miles, not the car

It is disingenuous of the government to pretend that its revision to vehicle tax has a green element (“The new car tax”, March 26). A highly polluting but infrequently used vehicle does far less harm to the planet than a high-mileage, “eco-friendly” one used daily in congested streets.
Anthony G Phillips, Salisbury


Ask boffins to solve diesel riddle

Diesel engines produce much less CO2 than their petrol-powered equivalents (“Browned off by eco-evangelists”, Letters, March 26) — it’s why we were encouraged to buy diesels. It’s the nitrogen oxides and soot produced by burning diesel that are bad for us. So why can the nation that has produced dozens of Nobel-winning scientists not solve this problem? There must be a cheaper way than paying owners to scrap otherwise useful vehicles.
Clive Taylor, Canterbury


Flash of insight

I was amused by Ms Chris Walters’s complaint that other drivers “just don’t get it” when she flashes her lights at them (“Taking a dim view”, Letters, March 26). The recipient of a flash cannot be relied upon to receive the same message the flasher is sending.
Gordon Lilly, Tenterden, Kent


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A question of priorities

Paul Fievez says priorité à droit no longer automatically applies in France (Letters, February 19), but the rule can still be valid. A yellow diamond on the road means you have priority; a black line through a yellow diamond means priority ends. Where no other priority is marked, the à droit rule applies.
Timothy Burnham, Ticehurst, East Sussex


Smart choice

Thumbs up for Jo Whiley’s love of Smart cars (Me and My Motor, March 26). Our ForTwo Proxy is brilliantly nippy and rewarding to drive. I should know: my past cars include a Honda Civic Type R and a Subaru Impreza WRX STi.
Austin Fears, Markfield, Leicestershire


Crossed signals

A pedestrian who activates a crossing signal and then sprints across before the light turns leaves a pulled-up driver and an engine running. Why can’t I go through a red if there’s no foot traffic?
Jim Murray, Perth


Dart hits the bullseye

Clarkson’s list of plastic cars in his Renault Scénic review (March 12) did not include the Daimler SP250, aka the Dart. I owned one in the Sixties. Yes, the chassis was a bit “flexible”, but that V8 engine, handling, acceleration, 120mph top speed . . . and I sold it for £250!
Mike Henchman, Peterborough


The hole truth

I know why potholes are not repaired. Councils regard them as traffic-calming devices, saving them from building speed bumps.
Derek Conway, Wembley, northwest London


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