Reader Letters: Red lights, traffic calming, driving in France, diesel dongles and a cardinal rule

"Jim Murray asks why he shouldn’t drive through an empty pelican crossing on red. One reason would be that..."
Reader Letters: New road tax, diesel riddle, headlight flashing, priorité à droit, Smart cars, red lights, plastic Clarkson and potholes

Reader Letters: New road tax and a diesel riddle

"It is disingenuous of the government to pretend that its revision to vehicle tax has a green element..."
Council’s £10,000 bill after pothole sidelines Ferrari

Ferrari + pothole = £10,000 bill for council

A Ferrari owner has been awarded £10,000 from a council after a pothole that would have cost just £53 to repair damaged his “pride and joy”.
Skid risk grows on the UK’s crumbling roads

Skid risk grows on UK’s crumbling roads

Motorists risk skidding on a quarter of roads because of an alarming deterioration in the highways network
British roads are worse than Oman’s

British roads are worse than Oman’s and Namibia's

Roads in the UK are in a worse condition than in many other developed nations, even though Britons pay the world’s highest tax on fuel ...
Ford's digital map to warn drivers of potholes

Ford's digital map to warn drivers of potholes

A digital map of Britain’s roads will be created to give motorists advanced warning of dangerous potholes.
Pothole damage doubles in a decade, according to RAC

Pothole damage doubles in a decade, according to RAC

Pothole damage continues to have British drivers shuddering, after the RAC revealed that rescue call outs hit a 10 year high for damage caused by...
Reader Letters: Shaky sat navs and daytime running lights in Mallorca

Readers' Letters: Shaky sat navs and daytime running...

When will sat navs take into account our Third World road surfaces? Mine recently sent me on a bumpy cross-country trip on potholed non-motorway roads...
Potholes cost taxpayers £4m a year

Pothole compensation costs councils £8m in two years

Counclis paid out nearly £8m over two years in compensation to drivers and riders who claim "pothole payouts"...

Letters of the week, January 17

This week: motoring resolutions, brake lights, fog lights, petrol prices and keyless ignitions
Google Potholes

Google Maps to detect potholes with shock sensors

Google is to take on the world's bad road surfaces with technology that can detect potholes and mark them on its maps
Britain's road volunteers

Meet Britain's road maintenance volunteers

A cash-strapped council is leaving verges uncut, minor potholes unfilled and litter uncleared, relying on an army of local volunteers to step into...
Potholes are here to stay

News: Councils admit no cure in sight for Britain’s...

One of the most comprehensive annual surveys of local authorities has revealed that there is no cure in sight for Britain’s pothole plague. Drivers...