Reader Letters: Bad diesel advice and not seeing the light

Reader Letters: Bad diesel advice, keep left clean-up, not seeing the headlight and garage moneyspinners

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Browned off by eco-evangelists

Roger Blackman is unsympathetic towards diesel owners and says a little research would have revealed why the diesel engine should be confined to tractors and lorries (“No truck with this argument”, Letters, March 12). There was no need for research: Gordon Brown, Ed Miliband and climate-change evangelists were telling us every day to change to diesel, as CO2 from petrol was destroying the planet.
Ian White, London N6


Dirty protest

I am alarmed by the fluorescent-yellow “keep left” signs, many of which are becoming very dirty and can be difficult to see. Local authorities must be encouraged to keep them clean, otherwise I fear there will be serious accidents.
Wallace Curtis, London N3


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Taking a dim view

Headlights are not just there to light the road ahead; I flash drivers who do not “light up” during bad weather or in poor light. They may be able to see where they are going but it can be difficult to judge their speed if, for example, they are approaching a junction in a neutral-coloured vehicle. They just don’t get it and stare at me.
Ms Chris Walters, Kirby-le-Soken, Essex


Braking the bank

All brake fluid is now of a high standard and synthetic, mainly to improve performance and protect rubber components — yet it has to be changed every two years? This is another moneyspinner for garages and car makers, just like “long-life” coolant that has to be changed every two years but is designed to last for 10.
Jon Gilbert, Winnersh, Berkshire


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