What does an electric car service involve?

Lower servicing costs are one thing that keeps the cost of electric vehicle ownership down. But what does an EV service involve?

Drivers advised to book September MOT early

Owners of cars with an MOT due in September this year are being advised to quickly book an appointment to avoid missing out due to a major surge.
Most common faults for UK's most popular cars revealed by WhoCanFixMyCar.com

Most common faults for UK's most popular cars

Premium car brands have a reputation for frequent failures but new data exposing the chronic faults seen by UK garages suggests it’s...
Audi TTS - Car Clinic: Does my car need its scheduled service if I've not put many miles on it?

Car Clinic: Service needed if I've not driven far?

"I’ve driven my Audi TTS only 1,800 miles in 18 months but the service light has appeared. Do I need an oil service or can I go on a bit longer?"
Reader Letters: Bad diesel advice and not seeing the light

Reader Letters: Bad diesel advice

Roger Blackman is unsympathetic towards diesel owners and says a little research would have revealed why the diesel engine should be confined...
Reader Letters: Cabin smells, brake fluid changes, peanut power, clean diesel and Italian points

Reader Letters: Cabin smells and peanut power

Years ago I used to get a lift from a man with a Rolls-Royce of the same period as James May’s. It too had an unusual scent inside...
Reader Letters: Ateca wine, boiling brake fluid, auto headlights and NSX

Reader Letters: Ateca wine and boiling brake fluid

“Nobody wants an Ateca in their life,” says Jeremy Clarkson in his review of the new Seat. He should try a bottle of Bodegas Ateca’s old vines...
Reader Letters: Bright headlights, priorité à droite, annual servicing and quattro power

Reader Letters: Bright lights and quattro power

In the 1950s drivers seemed to take pride in delaying switching on their headlights until absolutely necessary...
Reader Letters: Aston corrections, speed limiters, Citroën brake wear and motorcycle filtering

Reader Letters: Speed limiters and motorbike wars

Your correspondence this week covers Clarkson's "insults" to Aston Martin's "fine engineers", Citroën brake wear query and erratic driving.
Land Rover Defender - Sunday Times Driving reader letters

Reader Letters: Brexit cars, HGV manners and more

The Land Rover Defender, reviewed by you last month...
Volkswagen emissions

Reader Letters: VW fumes, a YouTube repair wheeze...

Nick Tyndall seems to be under the impression that Volkswagen has found a way of tuning the thermodynamics of the internal combustion engine...
The Sunday Times Driving Placeholder

One Audi owner's tale of oil misery

After 10 years, two continents and tens of thousands of miles, the time had come to part with my trusty Renault Scénic
The Sunday Times Driving Placeholder

I want to remap my car's electronic control unit —...

Q. I am considering tuning my Audi by remapping the electronic control unit (ECU), but several people have told me that when the vehicle goes in for...