Reader Letters: Ateca wine, boiling brake fluid, auto headlights and NSX

Reader Letters: Ateca wine, boiling brake fluid, auto headlights and NSX

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Grape expectations

“Nobody wants an Ateca in their life,” says Jeremy Clarkson in his review of the new Seat (“Whatever you ask, this isn’t the answer”, February 19). He should try a bottle of Bodegas Ateca’s old vines garnacha Atteca Armas: 15.5% alcohol; costs about £30. Not all is bad about the Spanish town.
Guy Pugh, Garstang, Lancashire


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Change for the better

Bipin Kotecha asks why a two-year-old car needs its brake fluid changed (“Lease is more”, Letters, February 19). Brake fluid is hygroscopic: it absorbs moisture from the air. The temperatures generated by braking cause this water to boil, reducing the fluid’s efficiency.
Henry Malt, via email
A light dilemma

I assure Mr Phillips that I do not mean to be impolite when I drive before dusk with headlights on (“Glaring error”, Letters, February 19). There is no “Off” setting for my Mercedes’ headlights; only “On” or “Automatic”. I assume the manufacturer considers this a safety feature.
Jack Bolton, Great Gidding, Cambridgeshire
Super-quick snail

Thank goodness we’ve got Jeremy Clarkson to warn us the Honda NSX is “not that quick off the mark” (“Too clever by half”, February 12). I wouldn’t want to waste £143,950 on a supercar that does 0-60mph in a snail-slow 2.9 seconds.
Antony Edmonds, Waterlooville, Hampshire


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