The best Christmas 2019 gifts for car enthusiasts

From books and toys to car gadgets and driving experiences, here are Driving's top Christmas present picks for car enthusiasts in 2019.
Bugatti Baby pure-electric ride on replica Bugatti Type 35 racing car toy

Bugatti reveals £26,000+ ride-on toy

Children may be too young to drive the 261mph Chiron supercar, but that doesn't mean kids can't get behind the wheel of their very own Bugatti.
Lego will launch a 2,500+ piece Land Rover Defender scale model kit

Lego launches 2,500+ piece Land Rover Defender kit

In hindsight, the boxy bodywork of the new Land Rover Defender made it almost inevitable the off-roader would be immortalised in Lego form.
Porsche Taycan Mission E Playmobil The Movie

Porsche Taycan makes movie debut in Playmobil film

The Taycan won't be revealed in full for another month, but that hasn't stopped Porsche trying to make its first pure-electric car a movie star.
Incredible James Bond Aston Martin DB5 Lego set comes with machine guns, ejector seat

Bond DB5 Lego set comes with machine guns

Fans of Lego and the James Bond films young and old have a new mission, and it might be their toughest assignment yet: build the incredible...
Lego launches 3,500+ piece Bugatti Chiron set

Lego launches Bugatti Chiron set

Lego has announced a new addition to its Lego Technic range: a 1:8-scale, 3,500+ piece Bugatti Chiron set.
Tesla owner donates ride-on toy so sick children can drive themselves to operating theatre

Children drive themselves to surgery in mini Tesla

Children undergoing treatment at the East Surrey Hospital are able to drive themselves to the operating theatres thanks to ride-on Teslas.
Christmas 2017 presents for car enthusiasts petrolheads gearheads

Best Christmas gifts for petrolheads 2017

Car enthusiasts come in all shapes, ages and sizes. Some enjoy tinkering with a trusty classic while others are still in short trousers...
Products: Build Your Own V8 Engine kit from Haynes review

Products: Build Your Own V8 Engine kit from Haynes

If you have a son or daughter who is interested in tinkering with engines, don't let them loose under the bonnet of your Ford Mondeo this Christmas...
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James May: Why the Corgi James Bond Aston Martin DB5...

Exit Clarkson: James May ejects Jeremy from his column (for this week only) to talk about his favourite car of all time.
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News: James May's No 1 'Car that Changed the World'...

It's going to raise a few eyebrows: James May has revealed the car that he feels has changed the world more than any other – and it's not really...
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Video: Crazy Cart office karting is the speediest way...

Prepare to add another present to your Santa-bound wish list. The video below features two rather big kids from the XCAR video channel going wheel-to-wheel...