Brexit minister Jacob Rees-Mogg brands 20mph speed limits ‘ridiculous’

The minister for Brexit opportunities and government efficiency, Jacob Rees-Mogg, has branded 20mph speed limits “ridiculous”.
Lamborghini driver baffled after being charged 15 times for entering London Congestion Charge zone, despite images proving it wasn’t his car

Driver wrongly charged 15 times for London CC

A motorist from Nottingham was charged 15 times for entering the London Congestion Charge zone despite being nowhere near the capital.
Has this bus company solved socially distanced public transport?

Company creates socially-distanced buses

A Czech company has modified its off road buses to allow passengers to travel in a socially distanced manner.
Milan introduces scheme to reduce traffic after lockdown

Milan's scheme to reduce post-lockdown traffic

The northern Italian city of Milan has introduced an ambitious scheme to reduce traffic on its roads after the coronavirus lockdown has ended.
Coronavirus: Cars to be banned from roads for safer exercise

Coronavirus: Roads go car-free for safer exercise

Urban roads could be converted into car-free zones in order to make exercise safer during the coronavirus lockdown.
Are private cars in London on borrowed time?

Transport Commissioner wants to ban all private ca

Mike Brown, the head of Transport for London (TfL), has said that there is no need for private cars in the centre of London.
Zipcar boss says ‘petty arguments’ by councils are delaying electric car infrastructure

Zipcar: ‘Petty' arguments delaying charging points

The boss of Zipcar believes “petty" arguments within London authorities are delaying vital electric vehicle infrastructure.
'Uber driver' crashes into Buckingham Palace

'Uber driver' crashes into Buckingham Palace

A car crashed into the railings outside Buckingham Palace late on Saturday night. Video taken by a black cab driver...
Check if your car is affected by the London T-charge and Ultra Low Emission Zone

What are the London T-charge and ULEZ

There are big changes coming into force for drivers who want to visit central London by car, as authorities grapple with poor air quality...
VW Polo as toxic as a fully laden lorry

VW Polo as toxic as a fully laden lorry

One of Britain’s leading superminis, the Volkswagen Polo, is among the worst polluters on the road, according to newly revealed test data...
Reader Letters: Boy racers, TFL's tardy phone service and do we need rev counters?

Reader Letters: Boy racers and tardy phone service

Your letters this week include proof that some children are still interested in cars and a question over whether rev counters are relevant...
The Sunday Times Driving Placeholder

Traffic lights going nowhere despite calls for 80%...

We’ve all been there: quickly checking our smartphones; drumming our fingers on the steering wheel; willing on the red light to change to green...
The Sunday Times Driving Placeholder

Speed cameras' effectiveness called into question by...

Transport for London has rejected claims by a University College London honorary professor that speed cameras in the capital have failed to deliver...