Uber prices expected to rise as company implements Supreme Court decision

Uber prices could rise after a legal win for the app's drivers that changes their employment status, analysts have said.
Uber has London licence restored after lengthy battle

Uber has London licence restored

Uber has had its London operating licence restored, after regulators threatened to ban the service from the city over safety concerns.
Uber rolls out mask-detecting scanner in app to ensure passengers have face coverings

Uber rolls out mask-detecting scanner in app

Users of the ride-hailing service Uber reported for not wearing a face covering will be asked to use a mask scanning feature before their next jo

Uber to appeal London ban

Ride-hailing firm Uber has said it will appeal Transport for London's (TfL) decision not to grant it a new licence to operate, putting 45,000 of
Cabbies hail new electric taxi but call on government to help drivers switch from diesel

Government must help cabbies switch from diesel

The body representing licensed cabbies has welcomed the new Dynamo electric taxi but says government must act to help diesel drivers switch.

Autonomous taxis make driverless debut in London

Self-driving taxis have hit the streets of London for the first time during a week-long trial in the capital.
Skoda has made a taxi app that lets parents 'charge' their kids for car journeys

Charge kids for rides with Skoda "Parent Taxi" app

Skoda has embraced the idea that parents are taxi drivers to their kids, by making an app that lets mums and dads "charge" for car journeys.

Plug-in London taxi now comes as a panel van, too

The London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) is no longer exclusively a manufacturer of London's iconic black cab — it now makes a panel van, too.
Not fare: how Uber drivers gang up to exploit passengers

Taxi drivers fight London congestion charge plans

London's private hire taxi drivers, including those who drive Uber cabs, are launching legal action against the Mayor on the grounds of racial...

Uber will pay drivers to switch to electric cars

Uber has announced a year-long pilot initiative to provide cash incentives to some drivers who begin using electric cars.
Female Uber passenger charged £119 for eight-mile journey after 43-mile round trip while she slept

Female Uber passenger charged £119 for eight miles

An Uber user says she was charged nearly £120 for an eight-mile journey after the driver took her on a 43-mile round trip via another county.
Rapist taxi driver John Worboys to remain in prison after release decision overturned

Rapist taxi driver Worboys to remain in prison

The decision to release from prison a London taxi driver who was convicted of the rape and sexual assault of his passengers has been quashed...
'Uber driver' crashes into Buckingham Palace

'Uber driver' crashes into Buckingham Palace

A car crashed into the railings outside Buckingham Palace late on Saturday night. Video taken by a black cab driver...