Anti-speeding police commissioner Caroline Henry broke speed limit five times

Caroline Henry, who vowed to crack down on speeding motorists, was herself caught breaking the speed limit five times in four months.
Driver caught using laser jammers to avoid speeding tickets

Any fine for 1mph over the speed limit?

Breaking the speed limit doesn't necessarily mean that you'll receive a fine. We explain why.
Almost half of people picked up bad driving habits in lockdown

Half of drivers picked up bad habits in lockdown

Almost half of people have picked up bad driving habits in lockdown, according to a recent survey.
Courts are too lenient on dangerous drivers, says police chief

Police chief: courts too lenient on speeders

A police chief has told The Sunday Times that dangerous drivers should be afforded no more leniency in court than those involved in knife crime.
Brits will escape some speeding fines in the EU due to Brexit

British drivers may escape EU speeding fines

British drivers may evade some speeding fines incurred in EU countries following Brexit, after a European Union directive requiring the cross-bor
Coronavirus: speeding increased by up to 7% during first lockdown

Speeding increased by 7% during covid lockdown

New government statistics show that speeding increased by 7% during the first coronavirus lockdown.
Speed cameras used for revenue, watchdog finds

Speed cameras used for revenue, watchdog finds

A police watchdog has found that some speed cameras are being used as a means of making money rather than as a safety tool.
German Green party vows to introduce speed limit on autobahns

German party vows to enforce autobahn speed limit

A speed limit of 130KPH (80mph) will be introduced to Germany's autobahns should the country's Green Party come to power at next year’s elections
More road police to be deployed across UK

More road police to be deployed across UK

The Times has learned that more police officers will be deployed onto the nation's roads to tackle crimes including drink driving.
Research shows extent of lockdown speeding

Driver caught doing 151mph on M62 during lockdown

New data obtained by the RAC shows the extent that dangerous drivers have used empty roads for extreme speeding during lockdown.
Driver films himself speeding at 201mph

Driver films himself speeding at 201mph

Police have confirmed an investigation has been launched into a video of a man filming himself speeding at over 200mph.
Average of 30 new drivers per day banned last year

Thirty new drivers per day were banned last year

Over 11,000 drivers per day were banned from driving last year, within two years of passing their driving test.
Quarter of men admit they are more likely to speed on lockdown roads

One in seven risk non-essential journey

A new study has revealed that 14% of people have risked making a non-essential journey since the coronavirus lockdown was enforced.