Road rage on the rise? A Highway Code refresher campaign would help

It’s news that didn’t come as much of a shock: the proportion of motorists who see road rage as their biggest concern has doubled in 12 months.
Concern over road road has doubled in 12 months

Concern over road rage has doubled in 12 months

Congestion and modern life have been blamed for a huge increase in the proportion of drivers citing road rage as their chief worry when behind th
Revealed: the most and least frustrating places to drive in Britain

Revealed: the UK's most annoying spots for drivers

New research claims to have found the places in the UK that are most likely to get on the nerves of British motorists

Man sandwiched between cars in road rage brawl

A tussle between motorists in New York resulted in a man being crushed between two cars.

Guard shoots truck's tyres in road rage incident

A security guard in Texas was spotted firing live shots, as a road rage incident on a busy crossroads quickly got out of control
Furious man set fire to wife's car after she told him to slow down

Furious man set fire to wife's car

Talk about incandescent with rage: a man has been jailed for setting fire to his wife's Nissan Qashqai after she criticised his driving.
Man smashes SUV windows with sledgehammer after hit-and-run

Video: SUV hit with sledgehammer after hit-and-run

Mobile phone footage captured an alarming scene in the immediate aftermath of a hit-and-run in Miami, Florida, as a man approaches...
Opinion: Speed camera rage — I’ve felt the primal desire for revenge

Opinion: Speed camera rage

Controversy abounds, apparently, in the tale of the 23-year-old have-a-go chancer Chris Welford, who recently tapped the frustrations of many...
Reader Letters: Red-light rage and used car dealers

Reader Letters: Red-light rage and used car dealer

Barry Borman asks what can be done about cyclists who thump the cars of drivers who tell them they have jumped a red light...
Metropolitan police to speak with Jeremy Vine over road rage incident

Met police to speak with Vine over road rage

Police are investigating a road rage incident in which a driver
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Test your knowledge: How many drivers experience road...

Traffic jams and tailgating: Britain’s roads and their users have been infuriating motorists for decades.
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News: Mobile phones claimed to be greatest cause of...

First it was tailgating; then it was slow drivers. Now the mobile phone is said to be the main cause of road rage among drivers. A survey of 2,000...
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News: Survey suggests Britain is worst country for...

To those with a daily commute in busy traffic, the news is not going to come as a huge shock. New research suggests that British motorists are more...