Reader Letters: Red-light rage and used car dealers

Reader Letters: Red-light rage and used car dealers

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Light the way

Barry Borman asks what can be done about cyclists who thump the cars of drivers who tell them they have jumped a red light (“Seeing red”, Letters, November 13). The practical answer is nothing. A more useful question is how a large minority of cyclists and a smaller but significant minority of drivers can be prevented from ignoring traffic lights.

Nick Marlow, Richmond, southwest London


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Slow off the mark

In common with many car drivers, Mike Pinker (“Chain reaction”, Letters, November 13) doesn’t seem to be aware that filtering a motorcycle though stationary or slow-moving traffic is legal.

Robin Martin, Bristol


Keep guessing

Drivers should realise that while they might be stuck in traffic, not all road users are. Having to second-guess what car, lorry or bus drivers might do because they haven’t checked their mirrors before manoeuvring is scary.

David Hicks, Colchester


Missing by a mile

While browsing a main dealer’s used cars, I noticed the information on the windscreens gave all sorts of detail … except the mileage. Do any readers know why?

Kevin Platt, Walsall