What are the drink drive limits in the UK?

All you need to know about drink drive limits, the punishments and what the differences are between Scotland and the rest of the UK.
Not wearing a seatbelt could bring three penalty points

Drivers to get points for not wearing seatbelt

Drivers stopped by police for not wearing a seatbelt could face penalty points on their licence under new road safety measures.
More than one-in-20 drivers in Britain has points on their licence

UK drivers have 10.6m points on their licences

Many British motorists have at some point recently been busted for breaking traffic laws, according to analysis of driving licence data.

Get points for not wearing seatbelts, MPs suggest

Drivers should get three penalty points on their licence if they're caught not wearing a seatbelt, a cross-party advisory group has suggested.
Essex driver racks up 144 points on his licence

Essex driver racks up 144 points on his licence

A driver from Essex has amassed 144 points on his driving licence, as a result of 24 separate speeding incidents.

Drivers still unaware of harsher mobile penalties

Nearly two-thirds (64%) of drivers remain unaware of the penalties associated with being caught using a handheld phone
Reader Letters: Motorway fuel and hire car rip-offs

Reader Letters: Hire car rip-offs, motorway fuel

I recently returned from a holiday in Italy, where I had arranged to hire a car through rentalcars.com. When I arrived at the Avis desk...
The wrongs of overtaking on the inside: does being branded a careless driver fit the crime?

The wrongs of overtaking on the inside

Will Dron admits he was wrong to undertake a lane-hogger, but as the police exercise new powers, is three penalty points, a 40% rise in insurance...
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News: Motorist racks up 40 points. . . without ever...

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) is calling for action after it discovered that a motorist from Lewisham has racked up 40 penalty points
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Drivers warned to stick to 70mph as motorway speed...

Until now breaches of the national speed limit have been largely ignored. But smart technology is changing that — and the first tickets have already...
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News: Roy “Chubby” Brown fined for reading newspaper...

Reading a newspaper at the wheel while driving is no joke, as comedian Roy “Chubby” Brown has found to his cost.
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NEWS: 54,000 learner drivers earn penalty points before...

According to new research, 54,000 learner drivers have been reckless enough to earn penalty points on their provisional licence.
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News: Safety charity urges crackdown on speeders after...

A road safety charity is urging the government to get tougher with speeding motorists after a driver on the M25 was clocked travelling at 149mph by...