Electric and hybrid car batteries to be inspected in MOT update

The MOT vehicle safety inspection is in line for a significant set of updates in light of the increase in hybrid and electric vehicles in the UK.

AA warns against MOT relaxation

The AA has hit out at government plans to reduce the MOT requirement for cars from annually to once every two years as part of proposal to ease t
Guide to the new MOT test changes, including tougher diesel emissions limits

Servicing: what you need to know

Getting your car serviced may be a hassle in terms of time and expense, but it’s essential to keeping a car running efficiently and safely.

Drivers advised to book September MOT early

Owners of cars with an MOT due in September this year are being advised to quickly book an appointment to avoid missing out due to a major surge.
What to do if your car is due an MOT during the coronavirus lockdown

Coronavirus: Can I still get my car MOT'd?

Travel is now only permitted in certain circumstances due to the lockdown, but some people will be due to get an MOT over the next few weeks.
Guide to the new MOT test changes, including tougher diesel emissions limits

Guide to the new MoT rule changes

A new MOT test that comes into force in England, Scotland and Wales this Sunday, May 20, 2018. Here's what you need to know.
Reader Letters: touchscreen distraction, MoT emissions, stop start, no-parking signs and small car syndrome

Reader Letters: touchscreen distraction, emissions

Richard Porter’s review of the Volvo XC40 refers to the dangers of operating a touchscreen while driving. This is as dangerous as texting...

Reader Letters: Electric car emissions & trackers

"We hear a lot about diesel emissions yet nowhere are we told the carbon footprint of a unit of electricity. It should be mandatory to quote..."
First MOT test to remain at three years, as government responds to safety fears

First MOT to remain at three years

The first MOT for a car will not be extended from three to four years. The government says the planned change was dropped following public concer
Recalled cars could be banned from the road if not repaired

Recalled cars banned from the road if not repaired

Cars subjected to safety recalls could be effectively banned from the road under plans outlined after the Vauxhall Zafira fire scandal. The Depar

Thousands of diesel drivers rip out filters

Diesel drivers who try to save money by removing a pollution filter are harming the air quality in towns and cities, and campaigners say
Reader Letters: Hearse campers, VW emissions fix failures, EV battery swapping, dash cams, Shell V-Power costs and DVLA data

Reader Letters: VW failures and fun in a hearse

I was interested to read about Peter James’s 1967 hearse (“Me and My Motor”, August 13). When I was an accountancy student in the mid-1960s...
Government proposes MoT after four years, not three

Government proposes MoT after four years

New cars won't need to undergo an MoT for four years under government plans to be announced this week.