Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 revealed: the true heir to the McLaren F1 supercar

Superlatives are second nature to car makers. But when man behind the McLaren F1 says he's made the "purest supercar ever", you pay attention.
Aston Martin reveals hybrid powertrain underpinning Valhalla and future models

Aston Martin reveals new hybrid V6 engine

Aston Martin has revealed a new, in-house-built 3.0-litre V6 engine which it says will feature in a range of mid-engined sports cars.

McLaren F1 designer teases T.50 'fan car' hypercar

McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray is hard at work on an all-new hypercar — and we ow have our first look at the incredible machine he's created.
Gordon Murray’s new V12 supercar will be lighter, rev higher than Aston Valkyrie and have Brabham 'Fan Car' tech

Gordon Murray V12 supercar lighter than Valkyrie

More than 20 years after production of the legendary McLaren F1 ended, its designer has revealed the vital details of its spiritual successor.
Return of the wild child: 200mph TVR Griffith revealed

New 200mph TVR Griffith revealed

TVR was the wild child of the sports car scene that blew one head gasket too many and eventually conked out on the hard shoulder in 2006.
Me and My Motor: Gordon Murray, design legend, on his type of car

Me and My Motor: Gordon Murray, design legend

As a young racing car designer, Gordon Murray helped Senna...
Meet the Ox: the flatpack van that can be built in a day

Meet the Ox: the flatpack van that can be built in

From flat pack furniture and kitchens, to flatpack houses, there isn’t much in life that can’t be ordered and assembled with just a few tools
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TVR says new car is sold out until 2018 — before...

After announcing its return this summer, the British car maker TVR says that it has already taken more than 250 deposits for its new model
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TVR, Gordon Murray and Cosworth: we interview Les Edgar...

It used to be said that any TVR sports car had a bark that was as severe as its bite. Noisy, fast and with road-holding that kept even the sharpest...