Can I buy a car during the coronavirus lockdown?

Although the car industry is on its knees, experts say that if you can avoid buying a car during the lockdown, then you should. Here's why.

Tesla Model 3 goes on show in UK Tesla Stores

The Tesla Model 3 has made its first appearance in UK Tesla Store showrooms, ahead of the first customer car deliveries that are due in 2019.
The Fixer: My Audi Q5 had a safety recall, now I’m being charged to stop it happening again

Charged for repairs after Q5 recall

Although no car is immune to faults, owners of premium cars expect a certain level of quality and, should a problem arise, for it to be dealt...
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Letters of the week, June 14

This week: Motorway "bunching", coffin transporting, Google's driverless crashes, diesel fumes, road tax rants and franchised dealer costs.
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My locking wheel nut key was stolen — how can I get...

I recently had my locking wheel nut key stolen (along with a small quantity of money) while I was unloading my Mercedes...
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Can franchised dealerships justify charging high rates...

Q. My wife’s 2006 BMW 320d estate was serviced by a local BMW dealership, which also changed a rear lightbulb. The bulb cost £2.50 but the fitting...
How to buy a used car safely

How can you be sure to buy a used car safely?

At we want to make your search for the perfect used car as easy and enjoyable as possible. Follow our simple guidelines to stay out...
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What should I look out for on a test drive?

Finding a decent used car is as much about common sense as mechanical knowledge. Trust your instincts: does it ‒ or its seller ‒ seem dodgy?
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Dealer, supermarket or private: from whom should I...

There are almost as many places to buy cars as there are cars to buy. We highlight the most common and take you through their pros and cons.
How should I pay for my car?

How should I pay for my car?

Unsure which is the best way to pay for your dream used car? Driving explains the most sensible payment methods.