More disruption on UK roads as new storms follow Eunice and Franklin

The Met Office is warning drivers to slow down and be extra vigilant as more severe weather may be on the way.
UK drivers pay £1.5bn a year in car park damage repairs

Car park prang damage costs £1.5bn per year

A poll of UK motorists suggests drivers are forking out huge sums of money repairing damage caused by car parking prangs.
Pothole UK residential road

Councils spent £2bn on road repairs in two years

UK councils have spent nearly £2bn on road repairs since 2017 — and a further £4.2m compensating residents for pot hole damage to their vehicles.

Video: Impreza WRX trashed by flood damage

A Subaru Impreza WRX owner has been forced to sell his beloved performance saloon, after the car was damaged beyond repair in a flood.

Car windscreen smashed on highway by flying bin

A Dallas driver's dash cam filmed the remarkable moment an unsecured bin was launched into the air and struck the car's windscreen.
Risk of breakdowns caused by pothole damage doubles in 12 years

Risk of pothole damage doubles in 12 years

According to the RAC, over 14,000 call-outs it's received in the last 12 months have been due to breakdowns caused by damage from potholes.

Drivers compensated £12,000 for speed bump damage

UK councils have paid out over £35,000 in compensation to motorists who have had their cars damaged by speed bumps, a new report has discovered.

Two injured as steel pile crushes Mercedes

Two people in Thailand had a lucky escape after their Mercedes was crushed as a steel pile on a construction site fell onto their car.
Rhinoceros charges into SUV on safari trail

Video: rhinoceros charges into SUV on safari trail

Plenty of drivers have experienced bouts of road rage and being on the receiving end of a horn but few will have had their car roughed up by the
Car Clinic: My car was damaged by airport parking — what can I do?

Car Clinic: My car was damaged by airport parking

Our brand new car was damaged by an airport parking service but the company won’t pay up. What can we do?