Car Clinic: My car was damaged by airport parking — what can I do?

Car Clinic: My car was damaged by airport parking — what can I do?

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Q. Our brand new car was damaged by an airport parking service but the company won’t pay up. What can we do?

CLH, London


A. Any contract for a service includes an implied term that the service must be carried out with reasonable care and skill. Where this has not been the case, there are remedies.

In this instance, the best remedy will be compensation (“damages”) to cover the cost of repair. Damages can be pursued in the small claims court ( has more details).

A receipt or invoice will establish there was a contract. But was it the company that caused the damage? This can be evidenced by providing a witness statement.

Supporting documents may help, such as paperwork showing you had bought the car shortly before going away.

Sunday Times Driving Car Clinic: Nick Freeman, legal advice

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