Nearly half of all drivers admit to speeding on country roads

Survey reveals admissions to speeding are at their highest in six years.
2020 Bollinger B1 prototype 01

Bollinger sues Munro in copyright case

The American electric automotive start-up Bollinger Motors has launched a court case against the Scottish 4x4-maker Munro Vehicles.
Insulate Britain protestors could be jailed for future M25 protests after new court injunction

Police to get new powers over road block protests

The government is expected to add an amendment to the Public Order Bill that would give police the power to curb protests that cause disruption.
Bernie Ecclestone to become a father again to first son at the age of 89

Ecclestone to be charged with fraud

Former Formula One boss, Bernie Ecclestone is to face charges of fraud by false representation after discovery undeclared assets.
Jaguar Land Rover to open self-driving 'smart city hub' in Ireland

Law change to allow movies in self-driving cars

Proposed Highway Code changes will pave the way for self-driving cars on UK roads by 2025, including the ability to watch movie on the move.
High Court rules it technically isn't illegal to film on a mobile phone while driving

£1k fine as law tightens on mobile use in cars

Motorists in England, Scotland and Wales caught using a handheld mobile phone could face a £1,000 fine and six penalty points or a ban from today

SORN rules explained

If don’t intend to drive for a period of time, you can save money by declaring their car off the road using a Statutory Off Road Notification.
Is it illegal to park on zig-zag lines outside schools?

Zig-zag lines explained

Yellow zig-zag lines on the road are most often seen outside schools, yet many motorists are still unsure as to what they mean.
Nottingham City Council becomes latest to propose car engine idling fine

Drivers face £40 penalty for defrosting

Drivers have been warned that they may face a £40 penalty for idling their cars to defrost windscreens.
Car salesman jailed for exposing himself to female colleague in showroom

Car salesman jailed for exposing himself

A former used car salesman has been sentenced to six months in prison and seven years on the sex offender register for exposing himself.
UK traffic

UK's £27bn road-building plan hits legal logjam

Environmental objections hold up government’s road building plans and could lead to traffic chaos.
Uber drivers entitled to minimum wage and holiday pay, rules UK Supreme Court

Uber drivers entitled to minimum wage

The UK’s Supreme Court has ruled that ride-hailing taxi firm Uber must classify its drivers as “workers”, rather than “self-employed”.
Tesla Model S and Model X receive 1,000bhp+ Plaid variants and interior upgrades

Tesla’s new U-shaped steering wheel is legal

Are the U-shaped steering wheel yokes shown in images of the new Tesla Model S and Model X legal? We asked the regulators.