Hyundai develops ‘crab driving’ system that could make parallel parking a whole lot easier

Hyundai has unveiled a fully-functional demonstration prototype of its “e-Corner” system, simplifying parking.
Hundreds of motorcyclists protest Paris parking charges as mayor wages war on motor vehicles

Bikers protest Paris mayor's new parking charges

Hundreds of bikers have taken to the streets of Paris in protest against the introduction of parking charges for all petrol-powered motorcycles.
Alternate-side parking in new York City (Image by Jp via Flickr)

Alternate-side parking returns to NYC

New York in the US has announced that twice-a-week alternate-side parking will return from July 5.
Dodgy parking operators who fine the dead face ban

Private parking fines to be capped at £50

The majority of private fines are to be capped at £50 in England, Scotland and Wales under a new parking code of practice.
These are the nation's most hated parking manoeuvres

How to parallel park

Parallel parking can be a daunting manoeuvre, so here’s a guide on how to do it.
Angled bays put a new slant on the perfect car park

Angled bays maximise parking space

When most people arrive in a full car park, they see a parking problem. When David Percy arrives in a full car park, he sees a geometry problem..
Coastal driveway rentals rise by over 300%

Boom times for rented driveways near seaside

Coastal home owners are cashing in on renewed demand for parking as holidaymakers return to England’s beauty spots.
Coronavirus: NHS staff no longer have to pay parking fees at hospitals

Hospital parking fees scrapped for NHS workers

The government has said it will cover the costs of car parking for NHS staff working in hospitals during the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak.
Transport Secretary cracks down on pavement parking

Government cracks down on pavement parking

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has announced there could soon be new restrictions on pavement parking in order to make travel safer for pedestr
UK road pavement parking

MPs call for ban on pavement parking

A cross-party group of MPs has called on government to ban drivers from blocking footpaths by parking their cars on the kerb.

Diesel drivers could pay £50 to park in London

Parking premiums for diesel car drivers in central London could rocket up by as much as 50%, if new proposals are given the go-ahead.
Tesla announce 'Summon' Autopilot parking system update is coming to Model 3

Tesla Model 3 owners can now 'Summon' their cars

Tesla has announced that its new BMW 3-series-rivalling Model 3 electric cars are now equipped with "Summon" technology.
Dodgy parking operators who fine the dead face ban

Dodgy parking operators who fine the dead face ban

New rules will be introduced to ban cowboy parking companies after operators tried to fine a dead person and a woman too short to read parking si