MPs call for clampdown on on pavement parking

A cross-party group of MPs has called on government to ban drivers from blocking footpaths by parking their cars on the kerb.

Diesel drivers could pay £50 to park in London

Parking premiums for diesel car drivers in central London could rocket up by as much as 50%, if new proposals are given the go-ahead.
Tesla announce 'Summon' Autopilot parking system update is coming to Model 3

Tesla Model 3 owners can now 'Summon' their cars

Tesla has announced that its new BMW 3-series-rivalling Model 3 electric cars are now equipped with "Summon" technology.
Dodgy parking operators who fine the dead face ban

Dodgy parking operators who fine the dead face ban

New rules will be introduced to ban cowboy parking companies after operators tried to fine a dead person and a woman too short to read parking si
Drivers handed penalty notice every 2.5 seconds

Drivers handed penalty notice every 2.5 seconds

Almost 12m drivers receive a penalty notice every year, the equivalent of one every 2.5 seconds, as the number of fixed cameras increases.
Reader Letters: Smart motorways, disabled parking spaces, motorway etiquette and reporting drivers without tax

Reader Letters: Smart motorways and blue badges

David Holden complains of the “war on motorists” after receiving a ticket for driving at 57mph in a 50mph limit — and wonders whether to...
Black box proved motorist was fined one minute after parking

Black box proved motorist fined after one minute

A motorist successfully appealed against a £100 parking ticket by using a black-box recorder to prove that the penalty was issued within a minute
Neighbours rack up six figure legal bills in parking space dispute

Neighbours go to court over parking spaces

A “trivial” row over parking spaces has torn apart a millionaires’ community and led to six-figure legal bills, a court has been told...
Video: Parking attendant filmed

Video: Parking attendant filmed "ghost ticketing"

A parking attendant has been filmed photographing a car that has been issued with a ticket before appearing to remove the invoice from the windsc
Beggars park and feed the meter before a day on the streets

No job and parking meter to feed

Three beggars have been filmed paying to park their car before walking in to their regular spot in a city centre where they ask for money...
Driver tears strip off rail firm over narrow car park spaces

Driver tears strip off rail firm over parking

It’s bad enough that the train companies can’t run a railway, but now it turns out they can’t run a car park either.
Car Clinic: My car was damaged by airport parking — what can I do?

Car Clinic: My car was damaged by airport parking

Our brand new car was damaged by an airport parking service but the company won’t pay up. What can we do?
Hospitals make £120m from parking

Hospitals make £120m from parking

NHS hospitals earned millions of pounds more from car park charges last year despite a government pledge to crack down on trusts that profited fr