Rhinoceros charges into SUV on safari trail

Rhino was feeling horny

PLENTY OF drivers have experienced bouts of road rage and being on the receiving end of a horn but few will have had their car roughed up by the horn of a rhinoceros.

However, that’s what happened at a safari park in Mexico, after a male rhinoceros began attacking a family SUV and attempted to turn it over.

Caught on camera by a user in the vehicle behind, the robust rhino began attacking the driver’s side of the car before working its way around the 4×4, repeatedly ramming its horn into the wheels and rear bumper of the black family car and rocking it violently.

The beast then proceeded to charge after the 4×4 as it headed further along the safari trail. Nearby park wardens were able to distract the rhinocerous long enough for the SUV to leave the scene.

Management for the safari park stress the incident is an isolated one, and suggest the male rhino’s aggression was because it was feeling horny, due to a nearby hormonal female rhinoceros. The two have since been separated from each other.

Credit: Luis Angel González Aguilar via Storyful

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