Teen driver narrowly avoids head-on crash with out-of-control lorry

A teen driver avoided a potentially very nasty accident, by successfully swerving away from an out-of-control lorry on the A34 dual carriageway.

Crash outside custom car event injures 17

At least 17 people have been injured in a car crash involving two vehicles on the Monkswood Way A-road in Stevenage.

Video: Tesla driver captures 'bumper car' crash

The forward-facing camera on a Tesla Model 3 captured the moment a car rammed into the back of another car, triggering a multi-motor pile-up

'Luckiest person in the world' survives tyre smash

Police in Lancashire were left gobsmacked when a Peugeot 2008 driver emerged almost unscathed after a lorry tyre smashed through the windscreen.

Lanyard wearers at risk from airbag injuries

Motorists who wear lanyards when they're driving could be at risk of being seriously injured by them in a car crash, police in Devon say.
Woman filmed hurling herself at taxi ‘to claim compensation’

Woman hurled herself at taxi ‘for compensation'

A cab driver has filmed a woman hurling herself on to the bonnet of his taxi before rolling into the middle of the road and playing dead in an ap

Me and My Motor: John Blashford-Snell, explorer

Long before Ray Mears and Bear Grylls brought old-school adventuring to television, Colonel John Blashford-Snell was conquering the unknown...
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Number of airbags in cars set to triple

Have we reached peak airbag? Nearly.
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A history of car industry cock-ups and cover-ups

The car industry is no stranger to scandal, but periodically one erupts that rises above the usual level of corporate misdemeanour
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Rise in fatal and serious accidents for cyclists and...

Cyclists and motorcyclists remain the most vulnerable road users, according to the latest road casualty figures released by the Department for Transport
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My Honda Jazz has a driver's blind spot — have any...

Q. My two-year-old Honda Jazz has a driver’s blind spot between the windscreen and a small triangular side window. It is particularly noticeable...
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Councils' street sign lighting switch-off will save...

Councils will be allowed to turn off the lights on many street signs next March. It will save cash, says Driving, but there are safety fears...
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News: Tesla Model S electric car gets five star safety...

It's amazing what removing an engine – that big, heavy lump of metal – from between the front wheels will do for a car's crash safety rating...