"Luckiest person in the world" survives lorry wheel smashing through windscreen

'Luckiest person in the world' survives lorry wheel smashing through windscreen

Unoccupied child seat destroyed by projectile

TRAFFIC cops labelled a Peugeot 2008 driver “the luckiest person in the world” after a stray lorry wheel smashed through his windscreen during a drive along the M6 motorway, near Stafford.

The roof of the compact crossover was caved in by the hefty 22.5in wheel, which Lancashire Road Police said has bounced across the highway after coming loose from a heavy goods vehicle.

Despite extensive damage to the car, the Peugeot driver was able to safely direct his stricken SUV to the nearby hard shoulder and suffered only minor injuries.

Police pointed out that the driver was lucky not only for surviving the smash himself but also because he had chosen not to take his young son with him that day. Had the boy been in the car, he would almost certainly be dead as the errant wheel destroyed the rear child seat.