Lorry driver caught eating lasagne with knife and fork on motorway

A lorry driver who ate lasagne with a knife and fork on a motorway has been caught as part of a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) aided police crackdown.
A delivery van driver caused three major crashes along a mile-and-a-half stretch of the M6 motorway — and continuing on after each collision. Police in Birmingham arrested Awil Hayow, the driver of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter delivery van, for his dangerous and illegal driving.

Delivery driver arrested after multiple crashes

Astonishing CCTV footage shows a delivery van driver causing three major crashes along a mile-and-a-half stretch of the M6 motorway.
"Luckiest person in the world" survives lorry wheel smashing through windscreen

'Luckiest person in the world' survives tyre smash

Police in Lancashire were left gobsmacked when a Peugeot 2008 driver emerged almost unscathed after a lorry tyre smashed through the windscreen.
Jeremy Clarkson's Star Cars 2015-2016

Reader Letters: Clarkson’s pedigree and car age

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Battle of the super-coupés: Jaguar F-type R coupé...

To be ranked among the very best, a sports car must look good enough to deserve its own Instagram account, go like the clappers come rain or shine...
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News: Drivers warned of traffic jams on Friday, December...

Motorists have been told to expect traffic jams and big delays on British roads this Friday, December 19, as up to 20m cars hit the road for the Christmas...
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News: The Good Life comes to the motorway with opening...

For years they’ve been the go-to place for fast-food but a new service station has opened on the M5 in Gloucestershire selling only fresh food and...
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The Clarkson review: BMW M6 Gran Coupé (2013)

In the olden days it was jolly difficult to design a car. You had to use slide rules and pencils and guesswork. And you couldn’t simply buy...