Bloodhound 1000mph land speed record project to be liquidated

The Bloodhound land speed record project has been shut down after attempts to find a financial backer failed.
Bloodhound 1,000mph land speed record project enters administration

1000mph speed record project enters administration

The fate of the Bloodhound SSC 1,000MPH land speed record has been put into doubt, as the company running the project has entered administration.
Bloodhound SSC car will make its 1,000mph land speed record attempt in autumn 2019

Bloodhound SSC will attempt 1,000mph in 2019

Richard Noble has had it with delays. In a rousing statement sent out this morning, the Bloodhound SSC Project Director announced...
This fantastic Lego Bloodhound SSC model idea needs your support

Lego Bloodhound idea needs your support

Star Wars, Marvel and DC superheroes, Minecraft, Angry Birds … you know you an idea has hit the cultural big-time when Lego launches a set based...
Me and My Motor: Ron Ayers, the supersonic car designer behind Bloodhound SSC

Me and My Motor: Ron Ayers, supersonic car guru

For a man who designs the world’s fastest cars, Ron Ayers has little interest in his own means of transport.
Retirement? I'd rather design a supersonic car, says Bloodhound engineer Ron Ayers

The OAP designing the Bloodhound supersonic car

At 85, Ron Ayers enjoys making stained glass windows and drives a Volkswagen Golf at a sensible, “subsonic speed”. He is also the aerodynamicist...
From 0 to 200mph in 7sec: Bloodhound land speed record car's first jet-powered run

200mph in 7sec: Bloodhound makes first run

With a thunderous shriek that raised heads five miles away Wing Commander Andy Green today lit the afterburner on the world’s most ambitious car.

Me and my motor: Andy Green, OBE, on breaking the land...

He may be one of the world’s most celebrated drivers, but Andy Green is not strictly a “car person” — in the dentist’s waiting room he will...
The Sunday Times Driving Placeholder

Bloodhound SSC to commence runway trials in November

More than seven years after the project was announced, the Bloodhound SSC supersonic rocket car will blast off for the first time on November 17...