Driving Green: Electric car UK public charging point maps

How to find juice when out and about

Electric car charging point maps

Zap Map

Zap-Map was launched 2014. Its data is pooled from various public sources and contributions including a live feed from the National Charge Point Registry (NCR), some points from OpenChargeMap.org (OCM), dealership groups, branded networks and independent locations and updated on a regular basis.

Address https://www.zap-map.com/live/


Source London

Source London is a London-wide electric vehicle charge point network started by London Mayor Boris Johnson and now run by an independent operator. It is the best place to start if you drive into London. Electric car drivers can access any of the charging points, regardless of the manufacturer, using a single smart card, which currently costs £5 per year and allows free use of the entire network until the end of 2015, when a new pricing structure will be introduced.

Address https://www.sourcelondon.net/


Polar from Chargemaster

An excellent map providing live data for all Polar network charging points installed by manufacturer Chargemaster. It does not include points installed by other manufacturers. The Polar network charges a tiered annual subscription plus per use rates.

Address https://www.chargemasterplc.com/index.php/live-map/


Pod point

Another great live map from another manufacturer. As with Chargemaster, Pod Point’s map only shows its own charging points, however. To join the network costs £12.50 with free use of the network at present, although the company will soon start charging on a per use basis.

Address http://pod-point.com/products/services/live-availability-map/


Tesla Supercharger map

Tesla owners have their own high-speed Supercharger network, which is rapidly expanding throughout Europe and offers free electricity at the point of use.

Address http://www.teslamotors.com/en_GB/supercharger


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Choosing a green car

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  6. Whatever happened to LPG (liquid petroleum gas)?
  7. What are biofuels?

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Financial, environmental and practical implications of green motoring

  1. Electric car UK public charging point maps
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