Posh EV drag race: Jaguar I-Pace vs Tesla Model X 100D ... and P100D

Battle of the electric SUVs

JAGUAR’S first pure-electric car has certainly grabbed people’s attention, and won round the world’s car critics into the bargain. All of which must be putting a few noses out of joint over at Tesla Motors, which pioneered fast, premium electric family cars with the Model S saloon and then the Model X SUV.

Sunday Times Driving reviewed the Jaguar I-Pace, calling it “probably the biggest step the company has yet taken from the long-bonneted, walnut-panelled Jaguars beloved of prime ministers and affable geezers.”

Driving editor Nick Rufford also acknowledged its turn of pace, noting: “Because all the power is available as soon as you put your foot down, it’s quick: 0-62mph in 4.8 seconds. That’s faster than Jaguar’s F-type V6 sports car.”

But what everyone wants to know is this: is the I-Pace faster than a Tesla Model X? In its promotional videos, Jaguar raced its £63,000 car against a Model X, but crucially they picked the entry-level 75D, which is vaguely comparable on price (£70,500), rather than Tesla’s range-topping P100D model, which has a claimed 0-60mph time of 2.9sec, but also a price tag of nearly £130,000.

They could also have tried it against Tesla’s mid-range Model X 100D, of course, which should be nearer on pace but is still considerably more expensive than the Jag, at £87,200.

Fortunately, carwow has been so kind as to conduct a proper drag race for us. Helpfully, they tested all three electric cars from a standing start and a rolling start, and even checked out the stopping distances.

So, watch the video above to find out which is faster (and better at stopping), a Jaguar I-Pace, Tesla Model X 100D or Tesla Model X P100D.

Because carwow were kind enough to let us run this video on driving.co.uk

Read their Jaguar I-Pace review here or click here see how much you can save across the Jaguar SUV range at carwow.co.uk.

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