Driving test system backlog is causing months of delays for learner drivers in the UK

Driving test backlog could stretch into 2022
Young Driver driving lessons with instructor

Learner drivers wait six months for lessons

Four out of five (81%) of driving instructors are reporting waiting lists, with some learners being told to wait six months or more.
James May launches driving theory app

James May launches driving theory test app

James May has launched a new app that helps students with their driving theory tests — but do you need to brush up on your knowledge too?
More than 1 in 4 drivers have caused a crash due to misreading a road sign

1 in 4 drivers have crashed after misreading sign

Luckily, you don’t have to know a lot of the things you learned when you were 17. However, knowing your road signs is fairly important.

Less than half of learners pass tougher theory

Pass rates for car theory tests are 25 percentage points lower than they were in 2007, statistics from the Department for Transport have shown.
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98% of drivers would fail theory test if they retook...

Fewer than one in 50 drivers remember enough of the Highway Code to pass their theory test again, a new study suggests.
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News: Experienced drivers ‘would fail the theory...

Two-thirds of drivers have forgotten so much of the Highway Code that they would fail their theory test if they had to take it again, new research...
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News: Cost of driving theory test to fall 25% by October...

Cheating at the theory test and getting caught has become even less sensible with the announcement that the cost of taking it is going down.