98% of drivers would fail theory test if they retook the exam

Bang goes the theory


FEWER than one in 50 drivers remember enough of the Highway Code to pass their theory test again, a new study suggests.

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The poll by motors.co.uk of 1,000 motorists found that 98% of drivers would fail if they retook the exam. It also revealed that 100% of those who had passed their theory test in the previous six months would not do so again.

Respondents were set a mock exam, with one in 20 failing when they stated that driving on the hard shoulder was allowed if they were braking or if traffic was gridlocked. Others were unable to identify the stick carried by deaf and blind pedestrians.

Most of the drivers who passed the mock exam were experienced and had passed their test at least 16 years ago. The findings will support calls from road safety organisations for refresher courses for motorists to check they are keeping up with changing road rules.

The road safety charity Brake said that one in four 18 to 24-year-olds crash within two years of passing their driving test and that a system of graduated driver licensing could cut the number of deaths and serious injuries on the road by 400 a year.

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