Deaths caused by drink-drivers rises to highest level since 2009

New figures show the numbers of people killed or seriously injured in drink-drive accidents have risen to their highest levels since 2009,
Subaru WRX destroyed in violent Utah car crash

Subaru WRX destroyed in car crash

A Subaru WRX driver was very lucky to survive a violent car crash in Utah that destroyed his sports saloon.

Video: Caravan and car collide in roundabout crash

You'd think, when towing a caravan, you'd drive with a little more care and attention than normal. That isn't the case in this newly released...
Drivers to get new police portal for dash cam footage

Drivers to get new dash cam police portal

Sales of dash cams have boomed yet despite the popularity of the in-car video cameras, that record a vehicle’s surroundings, most drivers who fil
Deaths on British roads reach five-year high

Deaths on British roads reach five-year high

Figures released today show that the number of deaths on Britain’s roads continue to rise. A total of 1,792 people lost their lives in road traff

Smartphones blamed for rise in child road deaths

The number of children killed or seriously injured on Britain’s roads has jumped by more than a fifth in the past year, and experts say that
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Number of airbags in cars set to triple

Have we reached peak airbag? Nearly.
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Warning of increase in road accidents because of mild...

Think the mild weather will make your journey safer this Christmas?
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A history of car industry cock-ups and cover-ups

The car industry is no stranger to scandal, but periodically one erupts that rises above the usual level of corporate misdemeanour
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Drink driving deaths at highest level for five years

Road-safety campaigners have called for a new crackdown on drink driving after government figures
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Rise in fatal and serious accidents for cyclists and...

Cyclists and motorcyclists remain the most vulnerable road users, according to the latest road casualty figures released by the Department for Transport
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News: GPs are the most accident prone drivers on the...

White-van man may suffer from a reputation for recklessness but it’s the drivers in white coats you should really be concerned about...
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News: In-car gadgets blamed for increase in accidents...

Statistics released by the Department of Transport reveal that the annual figure for serious injuries and child deaths on the roads of Britain has...