Watch caravan and car collide in entirely avoidable roundabout crash

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YOU’D THINK, when towing a caravan, you’d drive with a little more care and attention than normal. That isn’t the case in this newly released dash cam footage, which shows a car and a caravan-towing road user colliding at a roundabout.

The entirely-preventable crash, near Swanley, Kent, occurred when the caravan owner attempted to turn left, across the path of the dash cam user, in an effort to be first to the exit road.

Being a slow speed crash, both drivers weren’t injured in the coming together, though the force was strong enough to dent the caravan’s door and knock one of the window’s towing covers off.

It could be argued the dash cam owner should have yielded and let the caravanner through, in order to avoid the accident (especially as the camper was indicating his intention to turn left.

According to the dash cam manufacturer Nextbase, though, the insurers and local authorities saw the footage to be “clear and concrete” proof that the driver of the caravan was at fault.

What do you think?

Who was most at fault?

The caravan owner
The dash cam user
Both equally to blame
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Credit: Nextbase

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