Battery trailers for electric cars can boost range by hundreds of miles

EP Tender, a company based near Paris, has come up with an innovative solution to restricted electric car range.

Video: Huge crash for Australian caravanner

Police in Australia have urged drivers to stay safe when towing heavy loads, after an out-of-control caravanner had a hefty crash on a highway.

Video: Caravan and car collide in roundabout crash

You'd think, when towing a caravan, you'd drive with a little more care and attention than normal. That isn't the case in this newly released...
Reader Letters: Smart motorways, disabled parking spaces, motorway etiquette and reporting drivers without tax

Reader Letters: Smart motorways and blue badges

David Holden complains of the “war on motorists” after receiving a ticket for driving at 57mph in a 50mph limit — and wonders whether to...
Car Clinic: Will a 1.6-litre petrol Vauxhall Astra automatic pull a caravan?

Car Clinic: Will petrol auto car pull a caravan?

I want to buy a 14/15-plate automatic Vauxhall Astra to pull a caravan with a maximum laden weight of 1,172kg...
Me and My Motor: Levison Wood, explorer, picks a comfy ride for his next trek

Me and My Motor: Levison Wood, explorer

Levison Wood was the first person to walk the full length of the Nile, a journey that became a documentary series on Channel 4...
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The Stig blows up a caravan on Top Gear

And on that bombshell . . . the organisations delighted...

Top Gear is no more. Or at least Top Gear as we know and love it is no more. The eighth and final episode of series 22 aired last Sunday, and in the...
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News: Caravanners get a helping hand with tricky reversing

Volkswagen has built a car that can take over the tricky task of reversing a trailer or caravan.