Jaguar E-type Unleashed: classic sports car reinvented with 400bhp V12

E-Type UK has specialised in Jaguar E-types since 2008 and it has just launched the new “Unleashed” brand to offer buyers the ultimate restomod.
What makes a classic car 'original'? Jaguar E-type restored

What makes a classic car 'original'?

In the classic car bubble, originality is a buzzword that causes endless contention. Charlotte Vowden asks the experts what makes 'an original'.
Land Rover launches upgrade range for its discontinued Defender off-roader

Land Rover unveils upgrades for old Defender

Ahead of the launch of the all-new version, Land Rover has launched a range of upgrades for its discontinued, old school Defender off-roader.
Starsky & Hutch actor David Soul on his mission to restore a historic Chrysler

Interview: Starsky & Hutch star David Soul

Before the Starsky and Hutch star surrenders his celebrity gun and badge, David Soul has one more assignment he wants to complete.
One-off Jaguar E-Type restomod packs whopping 6.1-litre V12 punch

One-off E-Type packs whopping 6.1-litre V12 punch

Tinkering with E-Types is big business these days, so you know a restoration job is special when it stands out from all the other Jags out there.
Stunning one-off Lamborghini Miura SVR fully restored

Lamborghini restores one-off Miura SVR

Lamborghini has completed the restoration of perhaps the most special Lamborghini Miura of all: the one-off Miura SVR.
Guy Martin to restore and race ex-Senna and Rosberg Williams F1 car

Guy Martin to restore and race Williams F1 car

Isle of Man TT racer Guy Martin will restore and race a classic Williams F1 car ahead of next month's British Grand Prix.
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LCCS 2015: How to cut a classic car's running costs...

Loaning classics out to film productions is just one of many ways to help cover running costs. Matt Jones puts us in the picture...
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LCCS 2015: My Lotus Esprit S3 restoration hell

It had a beautiful body and could corner like a fairground attraction but soon Andrew Frankel began to hate his shoddily built 1981 Lotus Esprit S3...
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News: Pristine Porsche 911 SC goes to auction for Whizz-Kidz...

Any self-respecting 1980s banker would have given their annual bonus to get behind the wheel of a Porsche 911 SC. The 204bhp 3-litre flat-six engine...